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Virus infection and integration is an important pathogenic risk factor for cancer development, thus virus detection is of direct clinical significance in cancer diagnosis and treatment. Our tool, named VirusFaster, uses the paired-end(PE) sequencing reads and soft-clipped information to identify virus integration sites in human genomes at single nucleotide resolution with only a few minutes.

  • VirusFaster can be installed and executed locally, and easily integrated in a cancer NGS data analysis pipeline;
  • VirusFaster Web server provides additional functions to annotate and visulize virus break points.

Data and parameters used in the Demo
Upload BAM File:

If your BAM file is over 50 MB, please follow the instruction to fliter reads and reduce the size of your input BAM file.
Specify Virus genome:
Upload virus gnome file (if not listed above): 
Options for searching

Minimum soft clip count:
Similarity threshold:  
Insert Size:
Read Length:
Options for running mode


  • After job submission,a web link will be shown at the bottom of the running page for bookmarking.
  • You can also leave an email address here to receive the notification when job is finished.
Job Name:
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