Global ubiquitinome profiling identifies NEDD4 as a regulator of Profilin 1 and actin remodelling in neural crest cells


The ubiquitin ligase NEDD4 promotes neural crest cell (NCC) survival and stem-cell like properties to regulate craniofacial and peripheral nervous system development. However, how ubiquitination and NEDD4 control NCC development remains unknown. Here we combine quantitative analysis of the proteome, transcriptome and ubiquitinome to identify key developmental signalling pathways that are regulated by NEDD4. We report 276 NEDD4 targets in NCCs and show that loss of NEDD4 leads to a pronounced global reduction in specific ubiquitin lysine linkages. We further show that NEDD4 contributes to the regulation of the NCC actin cytoskeleton by controlling ubiquitination and turnover of Profilin 1 to modulate filamentous actin polymerization. Taken together, our data provide insights into how NEDD4-mediated ubiquitination coordinates key regulatory processes during NCC development.

Nature Communications