Quantitative comparison of Matrigel dissolving methods

Most organoid culturing systems rely on basement-membrane matrix (known as BME/Matrigel), serving as scaffolds and matrix mimicking extracellular matrix (ECM). As Matrigel has a complex composition and insufficient separation of organoids from Matrigel could influence proteomic profiling of organoids significantly.

In this project, we performed comprehensive mass spectrometry-based proteomic analyses of patient-derived tumor organoids and Matrigel, to compare the influences of three popular Matrigel dissolving methods on proteomic profiling of organoids, as well as, to identify high confidence Matrigel contaminants to help eliminate undissolved Matrigel interference with minimal loss of biological information.

Check our article published at Molecular & Cellular Proteomics for more details.

Jianmin Wu
Center for Cancer Bioinformatics

ICGC-ARGO Scientific Planning Committee