We provide the Reproducible Prognosis Molecular Signature platform (ReProMSig), to facilitate biomarker development and applications in a transparent and reproducible way, with following features enabled:

  • ReProMSig streamlines the analysis process in development of a multivariable prediction model using molecular profiles and/or clinicopathological factors, as well as evaluation of its prognostic and/or predictive value.
  • The full detail of signature modelling procedures and analysis results can be provided as wrapped up as a signature report file (example report), which is well-designed following the TRIPOD statement. This report file can be shared online or used as a supplemental file of a research publication to improve the transparency of your study.
  • Risk assessment for single patient using a developed biomarker is provided for research purpose.
  • Long-term storage and management of user datasets and signatures are supported for registered users.
  • A standalone version is available at GitHub for experienced users to perform local analysis.

Further reading of ReProMSig: tutorial

ReProMSig platform is freely available at

Jianmin Wu
Center for Cancer Bioinformatics

ICGC-ARGO Scientific Planning Committee