CVCDAP stands for Cancer Virtual Cohort Discovery Analysis Platform, with a number of advanced features including:

  • Advanced query interface allows flexible selection of patients, sharing common characteristics across multiple cancer types and studies/projects (including pan-cancer selection), by a free combination of histological, pathological and molecular criteria, as a virtual cohort for investigation.

  • 29 built-in tools provided for seamless molecular and clinical analysis of a single cohort or comparison of two cohorts with relevance.

  • Users can create their own project by uploading somatic mutations and clinical data, to be seamless integrated with existing public data in CVCDAP.

  • Registered users can save their created cohorts, uploaded projects and analysis results for future use, or sharing with the community.

Further reading: CVCDAP documentation and recent publication at Nucleic Acids Research  [Full text].

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Jianmin Wu
Center for Cancer Bioinformatics

ICGC-ARGO Scientific Planning Committee