PINA 3.0

Protein Interaction Network Analysis (PINA) platform is an integrated platform for protein interaction network construction, filtering, analysis, visualization and management. It integrates protein-protein interaction data from six public curated databases and builds a complete, non-redundant protein interaction dataset for six model organisms. Moreover, it provides a variety of built-in tools to filter, visualize and analyze interaction networks for gaining biological insights at network level.

PINA 3.0 was released in 2020 to help revealing tumour type-specific insights from PPI networks. It provides a number of new analysis and visualization utilities by integrating PPI data with TCGA and CPTAC datasets, to help characterize the cancer context for a PPI network, including:

  • to infer network proteins with tumor type expression specificity.
  • to identify candidate prognosis biomarkers, putative mutational cancer drivers, and therapeutic targets in a network, for a specific cancer type.
  • to identify pairs of co-expressing interacting proteins across cancer types.

Further reading: PINA Tutorial and recent publication at Nucleic Acids Research  [Full text].

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Jianmin Wu
Center for Cancer Bioinformatics

ICGC-ARGO Scientific Planning Committee