PINA 3.0: mining cancer interactome


Protein-protein interactions (PPIs) are crucial to mediate biological functions, and understanding PPIs in cancer type-specific context could help decipher the underlying molecular mechanisms of tumorigenesis and identify potential therapeutic options. Therefore, we update the Protein Interaction Network Analysis (PINA) platform to version 3.0, to integrate the unified human interactome with RNA-seq transcriptomes and mass spectrometry-based proteomes across tens of cancer types. A number of new analytical utilities were developed to help characterize the cancer context for a PPI network, which includes inferring proteins with expression specificity and identifying candidate prognosis biomarkers, putative cancer drivers, and therapeutic targets for a specific cancer type; as well as identifying pairs of co-expressing interacting proteins across cancer types. Furthermore, a brand-new web interface has been designed to integrate these new utilities within an interactive network visualization environment, which allows users to quickly and comprehensively investigate the roles of human interacting proteins in a cancer type-specific context. PINA is freely available at

Nucleic Acids Research